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Protecting your money:

Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Tax Mitigation
Families just like yours are choosing to protect their family wealth and assets in the most secure and thorough way possible.

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When you die, you will no doubt have left a will which details who will receive what from your estate, this is perfect for physical items like jewellery or a family heirloom, but offers no security for the cash and assets you leave behind.

You may think your influence and control will die with you, but you can still decide who gets and keeps the assets you leave after you die. It used to be the case that only super wealthy would protect their family in this way, but now the cost effectiveness of the process means that now you are very easily able to do it as well.

We can help with...

Reducing Inheritance Tax

The significant loss of your estate to inheritance tax is a great motivator for many people to put an estate plan together. Through the most basic planning, married couples can reduce, or even eliminate, Inheritance tax altogether by setting up Trusts as part of their Wills.

In addition, a variety of advanced estate planning techniques can be used by both married couples, and individuals, to reduce the potential inheritance tax bill.

Protecting Beneficiaries

There are two main reasons why you might put together an estate plan to protect your beneficiaries: Protecting minor beneficiaries, and/or Protecting adult beneficiaries from bad decisions, outside influences, creditor problems and divorcing spouses.

The Cadde Wealth Protection trust structure ensures that your assets will be allocated as you wish, and that the beneficiaries you designate will have access to their inheritance in the manner you intended, quickly and in a timely fashion.  

How do we protect your family?

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What our clients like about us:

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