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Growing and preserving family finances since 1985

Imagine if, when you die, your wealth is taken from those you intend to leave it to

Protect your family’s future wealth from 9 threats

Protect your assets cost effectively

When we die, the last thing we would want is for some or all of our estate to be taken by forces we can’t control, leaving those we love having no say or claim on your wealth’s distribution.

The majority of us leave our assets unprotected after death, causing distress, financial loss and heartache to those left behind. But it can all be so easily avoided with a Wealth Protection Will, and expert advice from Cadde Wealth Protection.

How we can help you:

• Will Reviews (applies to current Wills)
• Advanced Estate and Legacy Planning
• Protect assets from debt, divorce, creditors, the Long-Term Care Act, and other financial challenges
• You decide how beneficiaries access their inheritance
• Tax Mitigation

So if you want peace of mind knowing you have done all you can to ensure your assets are protected for the benefit of those you care about, you should talk to Cadde Wealth Protection. Make it today, not tomorrow.

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Threats to your assets that we can eliminate

1. If you don’t have a will

Without a Will, your wealth will not be distributed in the way you would like it to be. It’s that simple.


2. If your partner remarries after your death

As an example, if the wife were to die first, and the husband later remarries:

a) If that marriage fails the new wife will get half of your children’s inheritance

b) If the husband dies before the new wife, the new wife inherits everything, and your children inherit nothing.


3. If one of you dies and the other is taken into care

(This is a bigger financial threat to most estates than inheritance tax.) It is standard practice for the local council to take and sell the family home to cover the cost of Care Fees, which would result in your child’s/children’s names not inheriting the family home. Daily Telegraph research in August 2017 showed that, in our area, nursing home fees are £92,000pa. 

4. Your creditors

Things are very good for you now but as we all know “things change”, and being protected against such an eventuality is a wise precaution. 


5. Creditors of your children and grandchildren

Bad business decisions or litigation are two of the ways that beneficiaries can lose part or all of their inheritance to creditors. 


6. Financial irresponsibility of your children and grandchildren

Not all our children are as good with money as we might like, and can overspend or even be totally irresponsible with money. Many children inherit vast wealth only to lose it all. Inheritance is a bit like winning the lottery – and apparently half of all lottery winners are broke within 5 years.

7. Your children's marriage failure

Regrettably 42% of all marriages fail, and under such circumstances it would be possible for a child to lose their entire inheritance.


8. Inheritance Tax Rate at 80%

Many of us are very concerned about what will happen if a Labour government is elected. The shadow chancellor has already said that if Labour get into power they are ready immediately to halve the threshold at which Inheritance Tax becomes payable.  It’s interesting to note that about 50 years ago when the country was in a financial pickle, similar in many ways to today, the Labour government of the time set Death Duty at a massive 80%.  It would be sensible to prepare in case this sort of tax regime raises its ugly head again. 


9. The local council taking your parents’ home to cover Care Fees

If you are fortunate that your parents are still alive, and they are homeowners, it is more than likely they will want you to inherit the family home. Indeed, many people rely on that inheritance – why shouldn’t they? The care act makes that home, and other assets, available to fund your parents potential care fees. This may well result in the substantial erosion of the inheritance they plan to leave behind them. Daily Telegraph research in August 2017 showed that, in our area, nursing home fees are £92,000pa – even an average stay in a nursing home would soon eat up the equity in many homes.

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Why Cadde Wealth Protection?

A wealth of experience

Following a number of years as finance director for a family retail business, Paul Cadde became a financial adviser in 1985, and his experience and wisdom in financial planning, especially Wealth Protection, has earned respect from both clients and fellow industry professionals.

Paul’s enthusiasm for understanding each individual’s personal circumstances, and knowledge of the solutions available, is the key to his success and that of his company’s growing team of professional advisers.

As a source of knowledge called upon by industry experts in their own right, Paul has trained independent financial advisers from right across the UK, and he also has 14 of them as clients!


Benefit from a meeting with an experienced consultant

An initial planning meeting will allow us to gather information to help you make the right choices about your estate. Your personal circumstances will be unique, so we will explain how we manage every situation to meet your exact wishes. Our first draft report can be discussed at the next stage, so we can ensure the right protection is in place. Initial meetings are without obligation, and there’s no charge, so why wait?

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