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We are a family-run practice which, we believe, enables our focus to be on you, your needs and wants, and your financial situation now and in the future.


Real People

There are no telephone answering systems here – your call will always be answered by a real person! If we don’t answer straightaway, we are already focusing on another client, but rest assured a team member will take your call and deal with your query.


Friendly Team

You’ll find our team is a friendly bunch. We genuinely enjoy working with people and will often pop in to see you to deliver documents or obtain a signature, rather than sending paperwork through the post.


Fast Response

When you call us with a query, we will absolutely come back to you on the same day. It may be that we have to wait for an answer from a product provider, however we will always let you know so that you’re not left wondering what’s happening – nothing hangs around on anyone’s desk!


Personal Advice

The advice we give you will always be based on what is right for you and your family. Sometimes that will mean you’re better off with arrangements you already have in place, or with solutions that do not involve us immediately.


Clear Information

Financial services is well known for providing information that is unclear and confusing. We will always give you simple, clear and concise advice so that you fully understand what options are available to you and can make informed decisions about what is right for you.


Best Practice

Our team of advisers maintain their knowledge and understanding of the markets and financial issues all our clients face, by undertaking regular on the job training. This ensures that the advice and solutions we give you are 100% up to date.


Flexible Service

You can choose the level of service that’s right for you, which may include one or two reviews a year, a review every couple of years, or indeed no reviews at all. You can also change the level of service at any time to fit with your needs – the only long-term commitment is ours, to support you.


Regular Communication

In addition to your reviews with us, you’ll also receive personal performance updates four times a year, so that you’re always up to speed with how your portfolio is performing. If it’s advisable to move any funds, we’ll include that suggestion at the same time.

You’ll also receive monthly bulletins by post that will cover any factors impacting on the different aspects of your personal finance, including interest rates, investment rates, wills and trusts, life care and more. This way you’ll be kept up to date with changes in the industry.


Complaints Procedure

In the event that you should have a complaint to make, please ask for a copy of our complaints procedure. The process we follow is recommended and overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), with whom we are regulated and it is designed to be easy and transparent for you.