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How We Work

When choosing your Financial Adviser you need to trust, and feel comfortable with, the people who will be guiding you. At Cadde Wealth we have, over many years, developed a tried and trusted way to help you, and your family, make the most of the opportunities your hard work brings.


It is great to know that our clients believe so too.  When asked why Cadde Wealth was chosen as their advisers, Mr. IC of Hampshire’s reply was typical: –

“I felt I could trust Paul Cadde and his team”

At Cadde Wealth we will take you through four stages to ensure the advice is appropriate and designed to help you.


  1. Initial consultation
  2. Financial Review and Recommendation
  3. Policy arrangement and Implementation
  4. Review – Ongoing care and advice through our ongoing Management Service

1. Initial Consultation - typically 45 minutes

We will meet with you in your home, or in our office. This first meeting will give you the opportunity to understand what you need to know about Cadde Wealth: who we are, what we do, what costs may be involved. You’ll be given our Terms of Business at this time.


It will also give us the opportunity to find out a little more about your circumstances and what level of advice you may need.


We can both decide at this point whether it would be appropriate to move onto Stage Two.

2. Financial Review and Recommendation

This stage is split into three parts:


A – Fact Find – typically 45 minutes – 1 hour


We will meet with you for a second time, again in your home or in our office. We will be asking lots of questions to get an accurate picture of your circumstances as well as what you would like to achieve. It will help us to establish the right priorities for you and which solutions we should investigate on your behalf.


B – Research & Recommendation – typically 2 weeks


Our technical team in the office will research different solutions that could deliver what you need to achieve. As part of that process they will find out what costs and charges may be involved and will put together our recommendations for the best way forward, in a simple Recommendation document that clearly explains the options.


C – Presentation of Review and Recommendation – typically 1 hour


We will meet with you for a third time to talk through the recommendations with you and answer any questions you may have. Depending on your situation and the nature of the recommendations, it may be appropriate to arrange a further meeting. It may also be appropriate to move straight onto Stage 3 at this point.

3. Policy Arrangement and Implementation

Once we’ve agreed the way forward, our technical team will ensure that everything is setup as it should be. They will liaise with you regularly to keep you informed until the agreed arrangements are correctly in place for you.

4. Reviews

We offer two levels of review service:


Quarterly Reviews

Annual Reviews


We recognise that not all clients have the same service requirements and you are therefore free to choose the level of service that best suits your needs. We will, however, normally recommend the level that appears to be the most appropriate based on the information you have shared.


Reviews may be face to face, by video chat, by e-mail, or by letter.  Whichever level of review service you choose, you will have access to your adviser and your support team at Cadde Wealth when you want it, and need it.